Super Bad Brad

Here’s a few minutes in the life of Brad Prowly, a New York street musician with an incredible singing range. He performs his gigs karaoke style, and apparently can emulate almost any singer alive or dead…

Here’s another performance:

Also check out his Marvin Gaye at the Apollo.

UPDATE: He’s showing up everywhere these days! Check out the video of him being thrown off stage from various concerts. (Via this excellent fan blog)

16 thoughts on “Super Bad Brad

  1. Super Bad Brad has some truely awesome talent. I wonder made this documentry about him? I’d like to see more of his performance and life in general.

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  3. I discovered brad a few years ago in New York City singing on the streets. I love his voice and I think he is really awesome. My cousin told me she saw him in Ireland recording a music video on the street for a band in Ireland, I wonder how he got to do that!

  4. It really is a shame that Americans will believe ANYTHING.
    This is not a documentary, it’s a bum trying to get some attention.

  5. And frog you have a problem with that? I think its outstanding hez doing what he wants obviously something you wouldnt understand. My hats off to him at least from what I can see he is working and doin his thing. If that doesnt fit into your mold tough. You dont happen to have a guy working for you called bob cratchet do you frog?

  6. Mr. Frogman,
    Super Bad Brad certainly got my attention and the attention of so many others. Don’t down it, just love it like we do. The man is fantastic and could be making some real money with all that talent, but he’s just enjoying life; too bad you’re not. Now go jump back in the pond.

  7. super bad brad is my good friends uncle andhe partied with us at a beer b que hes the coolest mutha fucker alive

  8. Why is this M-ER-Fer still homeless and why is he not on America’s got talent???
    Does anybody know if he has made any progress in being “discovered” since Showtime at the Apollo?

  9. There are alot of words to describe this talent. And his lifestyle although different ( like he says) he has a certain freedom that all should have. Man what a voice,style, and talent. You,ll never find.

  10. I love his voice and I like the trick they made with superbad brad

    looking to see more of him 🙂

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