MP3 Blogs and Missed Opportunities

I recently added a bunch of mp3 blogs to’s search index, and it was interesting to note how many mp3s were available on those sites “for a short time only, please don’t sue me!”

With all the attention showered on how content-owning corporations are being cost money by piracy, it seems they are ignoring their own history and possibly missing a huge opportunity to promote their own product. With the boundaries between content and commercials growing ever blurrier, why shouldn’t a corporation love the fact that people are advertising minuscule chunks of their product for free?

Most of these mp3 blogs had quite in-depth reviews along with a couple songs, basically the same thing a corporation pays thousands of dollars for when they bombard media critics with demo CDs. Just think of the synergy that could be harnessed by a corporation plastering a few billboards with their most popular bloggers.

Here’s a fresh find while I was perusing these sites: a music contest where you can win a couple CDs if you come up with the sexiest playlist!