Holy Roller

A pastor rides his motorcycle into church, preferring to leave safety in the hands of God.

This church looks more like a casino, but proof of it’s hallowed nature is in the official video description:

It a Disciple Now Weekend and youth pastor, David Few rides a motorcycle into the auditorium to deliver something to the stage. All is fine until the bike gets out from under him as he exits.

One thought on “Holy Roller

  1. It’s “churches” and “pastors” like these that give Christianity a bad name. It’s most recent roots are the pentecostal “church”. A disciple of Jesus, that actually knew Jesus, started Jesus’ church upon Jesus’ orders. Just because you don’t like something that someone in the church says, doesn’t mean you can go start your own church. Where’s your divine mandate? This selfishness and rebeliousness has made it hard to be a Christian in this world. Satan led the original rebellion against divine mandate.

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