No Need to Change It!

This story serves as a wonderful example of what happens when management decides to override the recommendations of engineers… for three decades.

In fact, to say that this company moved slowly is not just an understatement, it’s an affront to the word “slow”. 1200 baud: that’s slow. Mail-in-rebates: really slow. Glacier movement: really, really slow. This company: about as fast as fossilization.

Bookmach Update: Performance Increase

I’ve made some changes to the Bookmach search engine, so some of you may notice the searches are a bit speedier now. There’s a new option on the Preferences page which lets you set how far back in time you want to search… the default is now one month, which is much faster than searching the whole archive.

This has to do with the size of the vector-based index, which grew because of the multitude of acronyms, slang and technogobbledygook that’s to be found when adding a thousand blog posts per hour…

If you need to search the whole archive, or more than just the past month, select a timespan using the dropdown right after “email” on the Preferences page.

Or, if you want to learn more about optimizing vector based indexes by clustering and normalizing PostgreSQL, send me an email.