Bush Loves Moonies

A fascinating expose of the longtime partnership between the Moonie cult and the religious right.

Watch US Congressmen serve up an opulent crown to Sun Myung Moon, listen to him wax poetic about the shape of sexual organs, and fall over themselves to take his money.


Societr After a ‘double-dose’ of Idiocracy during the State of the Union speech last month, I wondered if anyone had a better idea on how to structure the Constitution to prevent messes like the one we are currently in.

So if you’ve got a better design for government then take it to Societr, the Web 2.0 fueled democracy where you write the rules!

(Okay, it’s actually just an open wiki starting with the preamble to the U.S. Constitution. However there’s no registration required =) )

Legislate safely, and have fun.