All Shook Up

Apologies for the site problems last few weeks, the database became corrupted during a move. I’m replacing the text query engine, so bookmach should return stronger & faster than before. Watch this space for updates!

Wavy Navy

I’ve been a longtime reader of War Nerd, and his latest column about the U.S. Navy pitted against Iranian speedboats is simply fantastic:

Of course the Navy won’t ever stage a test like that. It’d be like asking Benny Hinn to walk on water. You’re not supposed to put your god to the test, and Navy brass really do think they’re God. Something about all that “tradition” and bullshit etiquette on “the bridge” goes to their heads. You’re supposed to trust them. And give them all your money so they can pretend it’s still 1880 and the dreadnought rules the waves. Besides, Navy officers were always “gentlemen,” and there’s nothing as totally useless as a gentleman.

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Get Ron Paul on the Daily Show!

Jon Stewart managed to shut down the “news” program Crossfire a few years ago. He could make a difference again now, by getting the only honest candidate for US President, Dr. Ron Paul, some much needed exposure.

On a related note, anyone else notice how all the major networks smear Ron every chance they get? Could it be that he wants to end their corporate welfare lunch ticket..?

Excerpts of the episode that killed Crossfire:

Ron Paul excerpted from the Republican debates… this is an excellent summation of his positions:

And the whole episode of Jon Stewart on Crossfire (some amazing moments):

I’ve also added a bookmach page to monitor the progress of Dr. Paul.

A great new way to submit stories to Reddit and Digg

I’ve just added submission links for each story that appear on, so now it’s a snap to submit massive amounts of stories about Obama (or anything else.)

In addition to Digg and Reddit I’ve included Slashdot and Delicious… I’ll take requests for any other popular sites as well.

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