A Story of Healing

In 1997, a film crew accompanied an Interplast volunteer surgical team to An Giang province in Vietnam's Mekong Delta. The filmmakers donated their services to document the team's experiences and produce A Story of Healing, which earned the 1997 Academy Award for best documentary short subject. The 28-minute film is followed by a short epilogue after the credits which follows-up on two patients 16 months after their surgeries.

Ten years after its original release, A Story of Healing has been released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivatives license (by-nc-nd) and is available for free online.

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Medical Animations

There is quite an extensive selection of animated videos for doctors and med students on YouTube. Here’s a few that I liked…

Inner Life of the Cell (full version, I had posted an excerpt of this before):

Software demo:


Another demo:

Future of Food

A fantastic documentary that reveals how corporate America is genetically monopolizing food supplies at the cost of the public’s health and wealth. This movie is sober and informative, a far cry from tinfoil hattery.

Be sure to check out how Monsanto employees often become administrators of government regulatory bodies, how your tax money is financing this trend, and also how the GM technology could escape and cause worldwide famine.One tends to reflect after watching this… are we witnessing the birth of a scientifically engineered dystopia?

Bonus Vid (if you’re short on time):

Jamie Oliver shows what’s in your McNuggets:

UPDATE: looks like the video was taken down- here’s an excerpt to give you a tastse: