The Women of Mentally Ill TV

Greedy network executives love to exploit sick members of society- this comes as no surprise. But even worse are the audience they pander to. Can you imagine being bored & depraved enough to actually seek out these 21st century freak shows on the Youtubes?

And what the hell am I supposed to do when I accidentally stumble across a metric assload of them (while looking for tasteful art and music videos, no less!) Am I to not share them with my internet constituency? I feel I must, for tragedy is compounded when it goes unwitnessed.

So here’s a batch I found recently. I hope you enjoy them you drooling peepers. Tourists. Perverts.

Suzanne and her interpretive dance about Underdog.

The ravishing Princess Alicia G:

The BIZARRO world opposite of Princess Alicia named Lil’ J, who don’t need no network to tell youz to step (NSFW language young lady!):

Sorry if I seem agitated, but all this crazy is contagious. This has been a cathartic experience. Hopefully its intensity will turn the volume down on the rest of your day.

Stand and Spin

Breaking News: There is a “United States Pizza Team” and they are very good at spinning pizza dough. And apparently there is a competition for pizza spinning, which requires these international “Pizza Teams”. And finally, there is a site called Pizzatube which has embeddable videos about pizza. Wow.

Bon Appetite!