Wavy Navy

I’ve been a longtime reader of War Nerd, and his latest column about the U.S. Navy pitted against Iranian speedboats is simply fantastic:

Of course the Navy won’t ever stage a test like that. It’d be like asking Benny Hinn to walk on water. You’re not supposed to put your god to the test, and Navy brass really do think they’re God. Something about all that “tradition” and bullshit etiquette on “the bridge” goes to their heads. You’re supposed to trust them. And give them all your money so they can pretend it’s still 1880 and the dreadnought rules the waves. Besides, Navy officers were always “gentlemen,” and there’s nothing as totally useless as a gentleman.

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Hawaii Chair

The Hawaii Chair is the penultimate in office luxury / appliances. It is named “Hawaii” because it rotates your hips as you attempt to eat, attempt to type, and attempt to call your chiropractor.

I rang them up and a tired-sounding customer service representative assured me in broken english that yes, they indeed are selling them, and it is not a spoof. Wow.

Bonus: It’s powered by a “Hula Motor”.