The Drugging of our Children

An excellent documentary on the collusion of profit driven pharmaceutical companies and drug dealing doctors to create their own newly legal drug market.

It’s a brilliant scam, really; take a real disorder (ADD) that affects a small percentage of the population, then ascribe symptoms to it that parallel normal children’s behavior… and voilà, you’ve made billions!

Watch NIMH get busted on this very issue… marvel as they waffle and squirm, trying to identify a single symptom that cause 10% of boys in U.S. schools to be drugged.

The government has jumped forward to help, by sending Child Protective Services to take away reported “problem” children and forcing them onto drug programs. These agents are sent on the recommendation of elementary school teachers, not doctors. This is outrageous. And it will probably continue for years.

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Bride of MST3K Week: Hired!

We finish up MST3K week with a glimpse of a time when car salesmen ruled the Earth.Bonus Post: During the last episode of this series the engineers inserted an unexpected montage of the worst moments from the dumbest movies ever. It’s a refreshing change to hear the Satellite of Love’s crew merely laughing and enjoying themselves, rather than working on the next wisecrack.

We hope you enjoyed MST3K week. More MST3K can be found at your friendly local YouTube.