Feelin Dizzy

Here’s a clip of the great trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie playing with Electric Mayhem, which has the distinction of being the only band populated solely by muppets. He has his trademark 45 degree trumpet, which was the result of a friend sitting on his instrument with pleasing acoustical results.

Here’s Dizzy with Louis Armstrong (who I’ve been listening to a lot recently- gotta love Louis!)

And why not check out a much older session with Diz & Charlie Parker…

Pistol Shrimp

The pistol shrimp shoots its victim with a sonic wave, stunning hapless fellow crustaceans before finishing them off.

Hopefully it won’t become infected by a radioactive isotope causing it to grow and fight Godzilla… only to be defeated, leaving behind a clutch of ominously glowing eggs.

Hang Drums

A Hang Drum is 21st century instrument similar to the steel drum. It is much more versatile than the drum though, having been the result of years of research on the musical properties of other hollow instruments, as you can hear.

They can also be connected to digital equipment quite easily, by merely adding a contact microphone as in this video.

Here’s another talented drummer in Amsterdam.

Oddly enough, the company that makes them is only open sporadically, and even then you must visit their shop in Bern, Switzerland to buy one. Otherwise, you’d probably be hearing them on every street corner…

Listen to more Hang Drum clips at Youtube.