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I’ve recently experimented with the links on Bookmach result pages; the excerpt for each link that used to be a pop-up is now underneath it as a short paragraph… let me know if you like or dislike the change.

MP3 Blogs and Missed Opportunities

I recently added a bunch of mp3 blogs to’s search index, and it was interesting to note how many mp3s were available on those sites “for a short time only, please don’t sue me!”

With all the attention showered on how content-owning corporations are being cost money by piracy, it seems they are ignoring their own history and possibly missing a huge opportunity to promote their own product. With the boundaries between content and commercials growing ever blurrier, why shouldn’t a corporation love the fact that people are advertising minuscule chunks of their product for free?

Most of these mp3 blogs had quite in-depth reviews along with a couple songs, basically the same thing a corporation pays thousands of dollars for when they bombard media critics with demo CDs. Just think of the synergy that could be harnessed by a corporation plastering a few billboards with their most popular bloggers.

Here’s a fresh find while I was perusing these sites: a music contest where you can win a couple CDs if you come up with the sexiest playlist!

A Modern Proposal

Bill Gates steps down to do charity work. Why not start out by giving the software world the greatest gift of all, without spending a dime?

IBM makes a development & server operating system. So does Sun. Oracle may as well be doing so. And all three of them also develop and serve on another OS: Linux. Apple does the same with NetBSD. There’s a reason for this: *nix operating systems are super fast, ultra stable stable and very secure.

These features are exactly what Microsoft is missing. The ONLY claim to legitimacy MS has is a widely known interface and a large backwards compatibility factor. And these have both been eroded with Vista and it’s recent top-down rewrite. So why not do what Apple did, and gain all the base advantages of a *nix core?

If Microsoft started planning a next generation OS based on *nix now, they could solve all of these problems by the time it shipped, with an operating system that could be viable for ten years (double that of today’s windows install). Backwards compatibility with your beloved MS Office & Quake 4 could be handled with a WINE layer, and all those old windows programs will run quickly on your average 2010 clockcycling monster of a desktop (or thin client to your server).

And best of all, the UI could become Microsoft’s prime resource focus, so they could devote even more vast resources to improving human / computer interaction.

MS will probably never agree to the Linux GPL model, but what’s wrong with a nice, free BSD license? It basically enforces the freedom to do what you want, just as Apple does. Not that you would want to ever copy from Apple.

Bill, I know you still pull some water up in Redmond. Why don’t you make your first charitable contribution to the industry that made you rich, and have them toss a few million into Minix 2010?

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BILL GATES: The Dowser of Success Points Elsewhere

Various articles across the web have the same reassuring themes about Bill Gate’s departure from Microsoft: it’s to be a slow transition, and it won’t impact business because his role has diminished in recent years anyway. This is repeated because it is largely true; however Bill’s action comes at a interesting point at time- specifically, a point in time well AFTER their flagship product Windows Vista was to be delivered.

Last year after reading about the complete overhaul of Vista’s code I remarked to a colleague that Microsoft was in big trouble. As pointed out by Joel Spolsky, code refactoring isn’t a task to be taken lightly in any software application. In a complete operating system, one with over 2000 developers and due the next year, it’s a mind-boggling undertaking.

On top of that there’s absolutely no reason for businesses to buy the new OS. Can anyone think of a “must-have” application that only Vista can run? Even a potential application? Unless you are in a specialized tech or data field, modern PCs have more than enough desktop horsepower for most corporations.

And the business environment that MS exists in today has never been fiercer. The improved Linux interfaces, the addition of spreadsheets to the web, the ability for new Macs to dual-boot, and three decades of animosity over shady business dealings have all come home to roost. Microsoft has Big Problems, and it will drain their geenormous nest egg to soften the impact of the coming debacle.

Bill Gates is no fool; it’s time to quit when you’re ahead, and this may be his last opportunity to do so.

I have opened up a new bookmach page to follow articles and commentary as this news unfolds, you can monitor it here:

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Bookmach Now has RSS and Email Alerts

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